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Latinxhikers is a grassroots initiative dedicated to breaking down barriers in the outdoor industry by creating access and representation that allows our community to establish connections with nature just as our ancestors once had.




Adriana Garcia is a nature-loving, camper, road-tripper, and ex-accountant that was born and raised in Ooltewah, Tennessee. She grew up in a biracial family with two brothers, several cats, and an intense sense of curiosity that always had her exploring the woods behind her childhood home.


Throughout her youth and teenage years, she struggled with understanding her identity and where she fit in so she frequently escaped to what she knew best, the great outdoors. The outdoors provided her with a safe space and brought her that sense of belonging she yearned for. After years of spending time escaping to the outdoors, she realized she wanted to introduce its wonders to others. She'd always felt like it was a place that belonged to everyone. 


So in August 2017, after a whirlwind trip to Arizona and Utah with a group of her friends, she joined forces with Luz Lituma on a project that would allow them to inspire others through their experiences of being WOC in the outdoors. That is when Latinxhikers was created. What once was just an Instagram initiative, is now a growing community within the southeast region. 



Luz Lituma is an outdoor enthusiast from Atlanta, Georgia with a newfound passion for road tripping, backpacking, hiking, and all-around adventuring all over the United States. With the road being her home currently, she is taking full advantage of the public lands the West has to offer.  

In her younger years, you would not find Luz outside. She was very sheltered living the "typical" sheltered Latina childhood. As she grew older and became more independent she knew things had to change. She knew she had to connect to the outdoors, it was calling her. 

Luz graduated with a Marketing degree from Georgia State University and has unexpectedly found herself in outdoor advocacy after creating Latinxhikers. With her previous role as the Latinx Partnership Coordinator at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Florida Trail Association, her mission is to create more stewardship opportunities for the Latinx population. Creating personal experiences by bringing others to volunteer on these trails creates a personal connection and helps organizations expand who their volunteers are.  Bringing awareness on who maintains the trails is her current goal.

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