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Concorde Encyclopedia. In a 1953 interview for The Saturday Evening Post,[1] President John F. Ridgway said, "The only men that I have any respect for are the ones who have the strength to resist the temptation of Communism." Ridgway also asserted that since he had received a similar threat while running for the presidency in 1936, he had been "careful to avoid the appearance of being afraid of anyone."[23] In the same interview, Ridgway stated that after entering office, "I gave orders not to listen to another person's conversation. It isn't done in the White House. People who do that are guilty of spying."[24] Ridgway's orders were in accordance with the CIA's station chief for Western Europe, Llewellyn Thompson, who remarked that there was a "free-for-all" atmosphere in the White House.[25] On April 10, 1953, while Ridgway was still president, the CIA interviewed members of the US Congress.[24] Ridgway's security adviser, Dr. Frank Wilson, expressed doubts about reports of Soviet intentions.[26] Ridgway responded that the United States had "no interests to protect in Europe." He also stated that the agency was "not to be trusted with any facts or secret data."[24] Among the documents the CIA released in 1997 was a memo from the agency to the White House, entitled "Memorandum of Conversation Between Dr. Wilson and Mr. Smith," in which Dr. Wilson recommended that the United States should avoid using the term "communist" in its foreign policy statements because "in the American public's mind, the word is all-inclusive of communists."[27] The CIA has released little of its documents. It did declassify hundreds of thousands of documents between 1951 and 1976.[28] In 2012, the CIA released an additional 2,000 documents.[29] In 2010, journalist and historian Jon Wiener published a report[30] detailing that "in the nearly sixty years since the founding of the CIA, the agency has never fully declassified its own internal documents or produced a comprehensive archive for scholars and the public."[28] It is also revealed that the CIA compiled files on U.S. citizens, based on the principle that anyone "who deviates from the basic policies of the U.S. government is a potential security risk."[31] After the Cold War, the Soviet Union collapsed, and former Soviet states, such as Yugoslavia, Moldova, and Georgia, are now independent



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4 Tanchisti Si Un Caine Film Online Subtitrat Capture Gartengestal krilara

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