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Textbook definition.

Latinx is a gender-neutral way of describing people of Latin American descent. The best we’ve heard it explained is if you have a table full of women you call them Latinas...the minute a man comes to sit at the table...the gender transitions over to Latino. Instead, you’d use Latinx. 

What it means to us.

Latinx is also a way to define a new generation of Latinx who grew up in the United States. We grew up listening to Kings of Leon and Sonora Dinamita, we don't all speak the same languages, or know how to dance cumbia, some of us date outside our race, some of us are more individualistic than previous generations. Essentially, we have diverse identities and orientations. Take the traditions of our parents and ancestors and merge them with our new world values and beliefs.

Adriana Garcia & Luz Lituma

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